Benesse Art Site Naoshima Group Advance Notice Form

At Benesse Art Site Naoshima facilities on Naoshima, we request groups of over 9 people to give us advance notice so that their visit will go smoothly.
Please note that we will not be able to give a definite guarantee of the date and time of admission.

* We request that visitors who come in groups purchase their tickets for Chichu Art Museum online.
As the number of people who are allowed inside the museum is limited to 8 people at a time, please purchase tickets at different time slots.
(On the 5 of each month, ticket sales for the month after next month will commence at 10:00 (Japanese time))
Buy Chichu Art Museum Online Tickets here.

* Due to the small building sizes of Lee Ufan Museum, Art House Project, and ANDO MUSEUM, we ask visitors to split up into groups of people of around 8 people at a time, depending on the situation on the day.

* Benesse House will reply to any inquiries regarding Benesse House Museum and Art House Project.

* Chichu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum, and ANDO MUSEUM will not contact you, expect in special circumstances.
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