Social Action Report

*social actions: 1st Jan.2019 - 29th Feb. 2020 (incl.)
Basic Information
First Name必須

ex) James
Last Name必須

ex) Smith
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ex)Student, Teacher

ex) Shibuya, Tokyo
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Action Report
Type of your action必須

※Choose "Original Action" if you did not use our Action Campaign Kits.
Choose a Campaign you are reporting必須

※Choose "Original" if you did not use our Action Campaign Kits.
What action did you make?必須
What was the targeted social issue(s) of your action?必須
Which SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) is your action related to?(you can choose more than one)必須

Check this page to learn more about SDGs
Date/duration of your action必須

ex) June 1, 2019-August 30, 2019

Write numbers of your teammates who made this action together.

Write each person's full name if the person wants to join WE Day Japan

ex)10 people
James Smith, Taro Yamada, Emily Chen, Hana Tanaka

If it was done all by yourself, put "by myself".
Photos/Videos of your action
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Why do you think this issue is "an issue"? How is your action connected to solve this issue?
List some unique ideas/things you did to achieve your goal
What was the challenge and how did you overcome that hardships? What would you do differently next time?
What did you learn through this action?
Do you want to join WE Day Japan (March 20, 2019) in Tokyo?必須

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