HAPPY BOOK お申込フォーム

お名前/ Name
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住所/ Address

(below postal code) Prefecture, City/ Ward, Street name, House number
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集荷箱数/ # of boxes
Please appoint the number from 1 to 19.
集荷希望日/ pick up dates
西暦  年  月  日 

Please choose the date between 3 days ahead from today to 20 days ahead.
※ If today was October 1st, you can choose the date between October 4th to 21st.
集荷希望日のご確認/ confirmation of pick up date
集荷時間帯/ pick up time flame
このたびはHAPPY BOOKへのご参加、誠にありがとうございます。本プログラムは、皆さまから本、CD、DVD、ゲーム等をBAJへ寄贈していたき、その売却代金をご寄付としてBAJの活動に有効に役立たせていただくものです。つきましては、お手数ですが、下記「贈与等承諾書」をお読みいただき、ご同意の上、お申込みください。

Thank you for being a part of HAPPY BOOK. This program takes everyone's contributions of books, CDs, DVDs, and games to BAJ, and serving as donations, the sales proceeds of these items are in effect used to help in the activities of the BAJ. Therefore, while we are very much sorry to trouble you, please apply (only) upon reading and consenting to the terms in the “letter of consent” below.
贈与等承諾書 (English below)



2.私は、私が貴団体に贈与した本件物品を、貴団体がブックオフオンライン株式会社に全て 売り渡し又は引き渡し、本件物品の売却代金を貴団体が受領することを了承します。




Letter of Consent

In regards to the matter of participating in the donation program conducted by your company, I
hereby declare, in signing, that I have read and understood the contents set forth below, and agree to the terms of the below in full.

1. I am donating a book, CD, DVD, game software that is in my possession (hereafter referred to as “the article in question”).

2. I acknowledge that the article in question that I have donated to your company is to be sold or otherwise turned over by your company to BOOKOFF Online Co., Ltd. and that the sales proceeds of the article in question are to be received by your company. Moreover, I confirm I do not have the right to receipt of the sales proceeds of the article in question.

3. I acknowledge that your company will utilize the sales proceeds received from BOOKOFF Online Co., Ltd. as a donation to fund the activities of your company.

4. Regardless of the reason, I make no claim whatsoever to your company nor to BOOKOFF Online Co., Ltd. for the return of the article in question, nor to payment of the sales proceeds of the article in question.

5. I acknowledge that your company and BOOKOFF Online Co., Ltd. may use my personal information, such as my full name, ONLY for the purpose of this program.
Declaration of Consent