Purchase Application Form of Additional Set of Programs

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I/We agree to “Additional Set of Programs Terms and Conditions” and apply for purchase of Additional Set of Programs.
Select language for FLIP Programsrequired
Select language for Q&A Servicerequired
Additional Person for Q&A Servicerequired
(1) If you currently use English in Q&A Service and wish to use Japanese in Q&A Service for Additional Set of Programs, select “Add Q&A Person”.
(2) If you currently use Japanese in Q&A Service, addition of Q&A Person is optional.
(3) If you are individual member, select “Not need to add Q&A Person”

*If you select “Add Q&A Person”,
1. “Application Form for Addition of Q&A Person” needs to be submitted in addition to this web form, and
2. payment of Annual Dues for Additional Q&A Person (100,000 JPY per person) is required.
Operation confirmation of FLIP Programs through LANrequired
Check eitherrequired

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