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If you checked ”Yes” in the above-question about the health insurance and you hope to use it ,would you please let us know about the kind of insurance?

If you checked ”Yes” in the above-question and you hope to use it ,it is compulsory input.
If possible , please enter your kind of health insurance.:e.g(Japanese health insurance,national health insurance or private insurance.)
If not ,there is no need to input.
Please note that even if English-speaker’s patients hope to use Japanese health insurance , Doctor's translation fee will be added.
For English-speaker's customers who think it is unnecessary to see the doctor in English: If it comes across as being rude of us, we deeply apologize for asking for the translation fee. Please keep in mind that we never have any ideas of discriminating you at all. If you think it is unnecessary to see the doctor in English, we'll never ask you for the fee. If you let us know in advance by this mail form, we appreciate it.
Reading the above explanation about the doctor’s translation fee , could you consent ?

(e.g.for first 30 min we charge you 3,000JPN yen. After 30min, we charge you 1500JPN yen+ for every ten minutes . this is the case when you use Japanese health insurance.)
If you disagree, please choose ”No” , or cancel this form.
Do you hope to see the doctor in English?

If you choose ”Yes”, we'll ask you for doctor’s translation fee.
*Attention: We are sorry. We can not accept ADD or ADHD patients to administer medical treatment and medications .
And also , if you have any kind of suicidal idea or symptoms of eating disorders,
we can not accept you to administer medical treatment and medications .
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Please understand that according to Japanese Health Insurance Act, any kind of Japanese health insurances do not cover the counseling fee .(Till50min:¥8500yen)
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