Please fill on the following form of all information then please submit.
After receiving a reservation form from customers, we will send out tentative reservation email within 1-2 days. (Please be noted that reservation is not completed before you receive our confirmation email)
If there is a problem with the reservation, or if you do not receive a reply email from us after two days, please contact by phone. Please note that we can only speak Japanese, and very little English.

* From abroad : 81-75-366-3780   * From Japan : 075-366-3780

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※We accept your reservation 4 month before your stay.
※Please make a reservation on the telephone for 3 days of the staying. (From abroad : 81-75-366-3780)
※If you want to book more 10 nights, please fill in to [request of other].
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※Look at the room availability calendar, and then please book a room vacant.(
※If you want to book multiple rooms, please fill in to [request of other].
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※In case of more than 8 people, please fill in to [request of other]

※If the seat of 8:00 am become full, there is a case to ask for the change of time (9:00am).
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※You are not able to check-in before 4:00 pm and after 9:00 pm. (If Kansai International Airport arrival time of 6:00 pm or later, you are not able to reserve. That's because it's not possible to come to our guesthouse by 9:00 pm.)
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※Between 11:30 am to 4:00 pm, we are not able to receive your luggage because there will be no staff and the door will be closed during this period.
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Please confirm the above "Terms of Use".
◆Once the reservation is done, we'll charge a cancellation fee if you cancel in 7 days prior to your check-in date.
*4 days - 7 days prior to your stay : 30 % of room charge
*3 days prior to your stay : 50 %
*The day prior and Check-in day : 100%
◆We are small guesthouse and would like to avoid cancellation. Please confirm your schedule before making reservation. Thank you for your cooperation.
◆Our guesthouse is a historical old wooden building. Please note that soundproof function is not foolproof like some hotel because the wall is thin.
◆We are a traditional Machiya house, entertainment facilities for kids are not available.
◆Please note that stairs are very steep.
◆Non smoking please.
◆Please prepare full payment on cash in Japanese yen when you check-in.
◆From Oct 1st in 2018, in Kyoto "Accommodation TAX" is going to start. It is 200 yen per night per person. Please pay the total bill including "Accommodation TAX" when you check-in.
◆The staff go out between 11:30 am to 4:00 pm, and the entrance door will be locked.
If you don't check the [yes, I agree], you can't make a reservation.